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Ayurveda Therapy School Sri Lanka - Learn Ayurveda Therapy
Ayurveda Therapy School Sri Lanka - Learn Ayurveda Therapy
Ayurveda Therapy School Sri Lanka - Learn Ayurveda Therapy
  Ayurveda School Clinic  

Ayurveda and Therapy School is an institute of introducing Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments for people all over the world without it’s geographical differences but who are interested.

The course is designed carefully, well planed and an organized syllabus which provide basic skills and knowledge of Ayurveda which will enable the followers to find even an employment in the field.

The training programme consist mainly on theory and practical training sessions even which includes visits to other Ayurveda Medical Centers, herbal gardens, etc..

After successful completion of the course students will be awarded with an internationally recognized certificate.

The contents of the course as follows ;


Contents of Theory

  1. Heritage on Ayurveda
  2. Eight branches of Ayurveda  
  3. Ayurvedic basic concepts  
Pancha Maha Dhatu  
Sapta Dhatu – Function of Sapta Dhatu  
Three Dhoshas – Vatha / Pitha / Kapa  
    The five fold classification of Vatha Dosha  
    The five fold classification of Pitha Dosha  
    The five fold classification of Kapa Dosha  
  4. Individual constitution  
Vatha body constitution  
Pitha body constitution  
Kapa body constitution  
Body type constitution  
Vatha balanced dlet.  
Pitha balanced dlet.  
Kapa balanced dlet.  
  5. Education on herbal plants in Sri Lanka  
  6. Treatment plants  
  7. Knowledge about steam bath, herbal bath & herbal sauna  

Contents of Practical Training

  1. Therapy training  
  2. Rejuvenation Therapy - Abhayanga  
  3. Panchakarma Therapy  
  4. Ayurvedic Cooking  
  5. Yoga  
  6. Meditation  
Near School., Kuruduwatha, Dharga Town, Sri Lanka.  
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