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Salute To the Fifth Veda, The Sixth Sense And The Seventh
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Trapped in the maze of an unending world of existence, man has ceaselessly been in a constant search - of the self. In the process, he has discovered an undisputable analogy of the self with the exterior world: both constituted of the five basic elements that is to say- fire, earth, sound, ether, water.

The basics of religious values, philosophical beliefs, cultural practices and the scientific essentials of the world state that man is, in this sense, a microcosmic representation of the entire universe; and that ‘health’ is a natural state of being, subsequent of a balance of the five elements within the body, in harmony with the environment.
And, that all disease ( physical, metal or emotional), results from an imbalance (of these elements) one is bound to strike, due to environmental and circumstantial changes our physical and emotional being endures during the movement of existence.

The magazine, entitled “Basic Elements” is a travel around the possibility of striking a balance, by tuning the body constitution, within itself and according to the exterior. It is a search of simplest facts beneficial to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The magazine is anchored in the treasures of Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu science of health and medicine, a medical treatise recognizing the basic truths which condition our state of existence. The basic idea is that all diseases result from disharmony between the person and the environment; and that each case of disease is a manifestation of a unique state in a unique individual because each individual is made up of unique proportions of the five elements, therefore requiring a unique cure. The magazine, thus, searches for a variety of dietary modifications, herbal preparations appropriate to a variety of individual constitutions, effects of meditation, yoga, messages, aromatherapy, color and sound therapies, interpersonal relations, thought processes and other possible factors suitable to strike a balance within the self and with the environment.

The aim is to revitalize health of our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional set-up for a happier and painless existence.

With love from Simret

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